Getting over myself!

When I saw this meme it cracked me up.  I totally found it funny.  But the thing is I actually LIKE kale and I LIKE quinoa.

Check out my salad from last week – it was the bomb!

Lettuce, chickpeas, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber dressed with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice and a sprinkle on chilli flakes

I also LIKE chips and drinking alcohol.  So here’s the thing…. what exactly is wrong with eating the foods you like?  I LOVE vegetables so I want to eat them at every meal.  I don’t feel like I am depriving myself of meat or anything that I like.  I merely eating what I want.  I make a kale smoothie mixed with fruits and coconut water almost everyday.  Why? Because I like it.  I cook my own food. Why? because I like it.  I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to people.  When I can’t be arsed to cook I will do the same as most people and get take out as I did yesterday.  I had a veggie wrap and chips! It was nice but it didn’t have any salad in it i.e. nothing green – like it was a plate full of carbs.  I missed my veggies.  Sure I could have opted for salad instead of chips but I just wanted chips at the time and in hindsight I probably should have asked for both cause I’m greedy like that.

So here’s the thing – I say enjoy eating what ever you like.  What ever makes you feel good.  If you want to eat steak and chips and KFC and deep fried mars bars then go right ahead.  That’s the point – do what ever you like.  I had ice cream and apple crumble yesterday – the crumble wasn’t as good as mine that I make but it was good.  I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy my smoothies.  It doesn’t have to be either or, it’s about enjoying everything you like and basically it’s about balance.

I can’t claim to be a vegan but I do I like vegetables – pure and simple.  They make me feel good. And because of that I pack them in every meal I’ve enjoyed my week of food and exercise.  Check out what I have been up to on IG @jojooutnabout

The knee is still giving me jip but I’ve managed to find a happy medium working out at home/at the beach and concentrating on my upper body, increasing my strength to do pull-up 💪🏾  the result of which was a weigh-in at ……… 172.6lbs whoop-whooop! So I’m happy that I’ve had an awesome week last week.  This week will be the one to watch to see if I can break that 170lb barrier.

Here’s to another week of good food, good health, good friends, good family, and lots of fitness!