Day 1: 200lbs – It all starts here!

Today is the first day where I start to be accountable for everything I eat, drink and do in the my effort to become the fittest I have ever been at the age of 35. photo-12

So today I am weighing 200lb and as heady as I am I don’t look that bad. I joined Island Fit Cross Fit the last week and I trained 3 days last week but I wasn’t accountable, but that must stop now as there’s no more cutting corners allowed. I won’t be writing too much but literally recording everything as I go through my day.

So, 5am start and I have one glass of water. I went to training and did the MERI class which consisted of 5, 10, 15 rounds of; / rotating plank

2.sand bag row / deadlift

3.reverse lunges / squat

4. sit up / hip extensions

5. plank / knee to elbow

I managed 1 full round and 1/3 and if I’m honest in hindsight I could have worked a little harder, just my upper body is so week all the planks were killing me.

I’ve drunk 250ml of coconut water and eaten tuna and cottage cheese with 3 crackers. Still have half the tuna left.

Finally green tea with a tea spoon of honey.


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