Day 1 – update

My stomach was rumbling come 10:30am so I at a packet of Holiday Snacks fruit and nut mix – 140 calories.

I’ve also drunk a large glass of water…

I can’t wait for lunch!

I ate rice and peas with smoked mackerel fillet. Was lovely if I do say so myself.

One cup of tea with one sugar

A granola bar (honey n oats) – 190 calories per bar!! Yikes!

And a cup of green tea with one sugar.

I just can’t help but have something sweet after lunch!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – update

  1. I think it is a good choice letting yourself have something sweet after lunch. Maybe it will help you not feel deprived. I always end up consuming much less sugar when I have planned sweet treats than when I wait until I can’t stand it anymore and go crazy eating sugary treats.

    • Thanks – I’ve been told before also not to beat myself up about it and I also think you have a point as I could end up completely binging on sweets! I’m dreading when my cycle comes as hormones and emotions take over and I eat everything in sight! I’m hoping this month I manage it better.

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