Day 2 – not a good day!

Today’s not been the best if I’m honest. I just really struggle with self discipline and I just like my food. I did not train today but I’ve eaten more food.

Green tea with honey
Oats with honey, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Mackerel with steamed veg

2 mints
Rice cracker mix/nuts
Cassava crisps
Two slices of toast with butter

Red bush tea with honey
English tea with milk and one sugar.

I think after lunch I was still craving sugar and then the lack of carbs also meant by 5:30 when I was in the supermarket I just had to buy the snacks to eat. Now i am home i just had the toast as well even though it’s almost bed time, but i wanted to eat something.

Tomorrow will be a better day as I will be training in the evening. I think also I will change the format to include the times I eat and may be not so much narrative.

Off to put some slug pellets down to stop them eating my melons!


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