Day 3 – cross fit

Today is a training day in the evening so I should ensure I fuel up!

7:15am – half a plantain, 1 egg and 2 slices of toast and a large green tea

10:15am – 1 banana and a coffee with milk and 1 sugar

1pm – steamed flying fish, spinach rice and steamed veg

3:30pm – tea with milk and sugar and two crackers

5:30 – 6:30pm work out of the day;
Warm up
4 x rounds of
6reps of max weight dead lift
12 reps of knees to chest whilst hanging

7:30pm – 1/2 plantain and grilled mackerel fillet

9pm – 2 crackers

9:30pm – red bush tea

So the work out was pretty good but, I may not have worked as hard as I could of so it seems, but I’ll see if I’m aching tomorrow. I did enjoy the dead lifting though. I think I want to become a body builder – lol!


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