Day 4 – rest day

No training today, and although I promised myself I would only get on the scales once a week (Mondays) I just couldn’t resist this morning when they were staring me in the face – 198lb! Whoop whoop!

It’s all about the fat burn so I think I will do the MERI class 3 times a week as of next week and leave out the WODs for the month of August at CROSSFIT:ISLAND FIT

7am – 10 full push-ups, 20 full sit-ups, 15 in and outs (got to work abs and strengthen my arms/chest)

7:30 am – banana, blueberry, kiwi, oats, honey, almond milk smoothie and green tea.


10am – tea with milk and sugar. (Large water is being drunk also thought the morning)

11am – 1 cracker (I need to stop eating crackers!)

1pm – grilled tuna, steamed veg, plantain and salad…. Mmmm scrumptious!!!
Soursop juice for the afternoon.

6pm – flying fish (fried!) salad and a couple of my cousins chips! I also had 2 banks beers.

Not the best evening meal but I ate out. I’m out for a few drinks later but will hopefully control myself.

My target weight is 180lbs and a running pro colleague reckons she can see me at 160lbs – I’m not so sure! Once I reach my target and if I’m addicted I may just get there! What if I end up like Jodie Marsh!?


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