Day 5 – MERI

Today was a pretty strange day emotionally which is quite important for an emotional eater like myself.  Today has gone as follows;

5:30am MERI class at CROSSFIT|ISLAND FIT that consisted of 20 of each exercise and 5 rounds:

– crunches

– hyper extensions

– cycle abs

– rotating plank (2=1)

– hip extensions

– reverse crunch (ish – legs straight up in air and lift bottom-up, sorry can’t think of the name)

– knee to elbow

– side plank (l)

– side plank (r)

– plank hand tap

The order may not be exact and I managed 3.5 rounds in the allotted time.  Once again I feel that I’m not pushing myself hard enough.  At the time I struggled with side planks and the rotating planks and they would take ages to get though cause I find them physically awkward and end up just taking too long.  I have to push through much better.

7am – Green tea, 2 eggs and 2 toast

10am – tea with milk and sugar

1pm – grilled tuna, steamed veg and plantain

4pm – 2 crackers, coffee with milk and sugar

6pm – 2 crackers, redbush tea

8pm – plantain, breadfruit and peanuts


I have to say it could have been a lot worse as when I left home for work my mood was very down and wanting comfort food.  I thought I would end up eating chocolate and crisp and junk for lunch but I made a conscious decision to ignore the feelings.  It helped that I was well occupied in the office and managed to get to this point.  Dinners been snacks but at least it’s not chips or pizza!


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