Day 7 – Sunday lunch

Today is a rest day no exercise just a bit of socialising. I have to confess last night I had one rum punch and ate a burger at like 1am in st. Lawrence gap. Other people I was with were getting burgers so I followed suit. Sad that in the face of temptation I can’t just ignore of say no. I must get better at that.

8:30am – 2 eggs scrambled and 2 crackers, green tea

2:30pm – roast chicken breast, stuffing, lamb chop, rice n peas, roast potatoes, squash, tomatoes, salad. Clearly these all made a meal that prepared by my good friend Cheryl! It was very tasty indeed and I didn’t over indulge just a little bit of everything.

Dinner was accompanied with white wine.. I may of had 3 glasses.

4:30pm – apple crumble and ice cream! I have to say it was a fabulous crumble because I made it and added ginger to the crumble which went down very well.

6:30pm – tea with milk and sugar

All in all not a bad day food wise but just does bit follow the small amounts regularly. Never mind, I’ll work it off tomorrow at my 5:30am class.

As I look back at the week I can generally say there’s room for improvement. So far the only thing I have become obsessed with is the blogging and not really the training or the food. Tell a lie – I love the training! But the food thing is tough.

On to week two… It’s all about pushing that little bit harder.

Thanks Cheryl, Sanna and Steve for great conversation today it was totally dogtastic!


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