Day 8 – Weigh – in

Monday morning and I felt shattered before going in to training, during and now after! But anyway I had a good session and pushed through and managed to do every exercise. My rotating planks are a lot better but I am still struggling with push-ups and of course pull-ups. I must try to get in push-ups at home every day to help build my upper body strength.

Weight – 198lbs
Chest – 32.5″
Waist – 36″
Hips – 45.5″
Thighs – 27.5″

5am – green tea

5:30 – 6:30am MERI here’s what we did today…


7am – 1orange, 2 eggs and 1/2 plantain and green tea

9am – grapes and water (grazing all morning)

1:30pm – steamed veg, lentils, cassava, salt fish

5:30pm – handful of peanuts.

7pm – I think it’ll be vegetable soup (carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, onions – that’s all I have in the fridge!)


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Weigh – in

    • Thanks – this is not my personal diary, well it is but only one aspect of my life. You won’t get the juicy bits on here, where I bitch and moan about people… Well may be if they affect my training!

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