Day 11 – bank holiday HASH

After just 2 glasses of wine last night I managed to get done sleep and wake up to go to the 10am holiday hash from long beach. Lovely setting it was or should I say is, as I am still here at 5pm!




So today-

8am – 2eggs and green tea

9am – banana

10am – run around long beach area

11:30 – ginger ale

12pm – rum and ginger ale

1pm – roasted breadfruit!


2pm – beer, rum, rice, fish, chicken wing, rum, peanuts

3pm – piece of cake, mini twix and mini snicker

3:30pm – nap in chair, despite Shelly and Denise putting things up my nose!

4:30pm – piece of roasted breadfruit, sip if rosé, and a piece of fish! Why did I wake up hungry!

4:45pm – Dominoes! I lost!


I’m hoping I get home before dark! Otherwise I might be in more trouble….




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