Day 12 – running tired!

5am – 1 orange (Jamaican- was really sweet mmmmm) water

5:30am – ran up the gap and back of the crossfit gym I go to 5 times. Each lap is about 600m. I didn’t time myself either but it felt like I worked fairly hard and I didn’t stop at all even on the uphill part of the length.

After the run we did abs for 5mins continuous rotation between 20 crunches and 20 cycle abs

7am – 2 eggs and green tea

All in all not a bad morning after the day I had yesterday. No work today so self control will be important in the land of sunshine, sea, rum and food! Barbados is the best place to be when you have the day off!


12:45pm – rice n peas, fish cooked in onions, fresh tomatoes, okra, and 1/2 an avocado on the side. Was so nice I’ve left some back for later!

6:30pm – rice n peas, fish cooked in onions, fresh tomatoes, okra – no avocado though…. Not quite sure why but it wasn’t necessary I figured. Overall a smaller serving than for lunch.

So, my day off has been alright. I’ve eaten well, caught up on lots if sleep and now relaxing on this Friday night. My friends want me to go to Foreday morning in the wee hours of Saturday but really I just don’t see the point. I’ll have to drink lots of alcohol to enjoy myself as sober I think it’s a bunch of rubbish if ur not actually jumping.

More importantly though I eyed up a packet of m&ms today in the supermarket at the checkout and managed not to reach out and grab. I think I must if got distracted by the two young tourist looking ladies putting pregnancy tests on the conveyer belt after me! God I am so damn malicious… I wonder which one is pregnant after a holiday fling?


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