What is my real motivation for striving for this weight loss? There are so many. I just did a hypnosis session with an app I downloaded! I know proper weird and random and speaks to an air of desperation. I mean a weight loss hypnosis app? Really come on! Anyway I did it. Was quite nice actually and I don’t feel hypnotised. My muscles kept twitching though. So we shall see if moving forward now I have better discipline.

Today is another hash day and so I am looking forward to the run. I feel I need to do more ab work though. Weigh-in is on Monday which I’m a little worried about as I don’t feel like my body is changing much at all. The hypno voice was saying to not eat rice, potatoes, pasta and let the body burn the fat… I currently only eat rice and breadfruit, cassava. We’ll see how I get on this week. Will cut down more but the main thing is nothing processed only food that looks like real food! I’m think I’m quite good at that anyhow.

7:30am – blueberry, banana, oats honey smoothie with almond milk.

9:20am – green tea

1:15pm – fish, plantain, carrot, avocado and coconut water

4pm – 1.5hr run up to gun hill. The run down was fantastic!

8:42pm – a salt fish patty and coconut water! Not happy! I had to rush to cricket after the run got stuck in traffic so missed the start. Not eaten, hungry and so all I have a crappy fried food to choose from. I am glad I did not choose chips as normally I would have but a patty isn’t great and coconut water is cool.

I have a long night ahead of me so we shall see what happens! Feelin pretty good in all honesty and the Tridents are doing well! And the crowds are going crazy!



11:50pm – 2 eggs and coconut water! Yeah I’m hungry and on my way to another party and so I figured as I stop home and change let me fuel up so I don’t find myself at a burger van or
ordering chips come 2 or 3am!

3:46am – no food eaten just two rum and cokes and 3 or 4 glasses of water. I think that’s it moving forward…. Water when I go out. Cheap and the bar staff don’t like it but its my body and I will drink whatever I like!


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