Day 14 – Rest Day? More like party day!

No training today at all, but plenty of partying. Today is my day for really partying for crop over – booze beach party followed by cohobolopot!

After lengthy battle with myself about what to eat for breakfast I finally made the right choice between a full English from lucky horseshoe or oats and green tea.

10am – oats and green tea! (Yey – I am finally getting there)

12:30pm – chicken and potato roti and coconut water.

Now I am off to this fete where historically I would make sure I get my monies worth in alcoholic drinks but now this is a new me I will test how this goes today. One thing is for sure I will enjoy myself regardless!

4pm – grilled fish, rice, salad and veg.

4:30pm – 10pm – rum and coke and vodka and coconut water!

Vodka and coconut water is my new drink, tastes great. I had a really great time, I danced and I chatted to all kinds of people. Was a great beach party and I even saw Rihanna chilling out at the bar waiting to be served.

After a what looks like a good week yes I fell off the wagon. The hypnosis clearly didn’t work, but I really did have a brilliant time! So on to the next week!


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