Day 15 – Kadooment!

It’s Crop Over as we all know in Barbados and so there is no training today. Even if there was I am not able after the day/night I had yesterday! There’s a hash run in about 25mins followed by a BBQ and lime with a pool but I really am not able to run.

I feel I should go and see kadooment with friends who are already out there, but it just looks soooo hot right now, I’m not sure I can take the heat. Also if I go on the road I will eat poorly. But if I go to the BBQ I will drink. So what to do? At the BBQ there will also be a pool and in this heat that sounds very enticing. But I could just stay home and go to the beach instead! But that would be very unsociable of me. Anyway this is a health and fitness blog so lets get back to the programme….

Today’s weight – 199lbs

10am – 2 eggs and green tea!

12:30pm – banana and a bunch of grapes

3pm – breadfruit and baked chicken

6pm – BBQ ribs

All in all not a great day food wise. Buying in the street meant food was largely dodgey if not just straight old bad. I managed drinking water till like 6pm then had a couple of rum and cokes.

That’s it for me now. Had a great day not too much and not too little of anything! Great company also which always helps.



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