I should of had a lay-in this morning as I planned to train after work but for some reason I work up naturally at 4:57am and I jumped out of bed and was like “shit I’ve got to go training”! So I ran round and found clothes and rushed through the door drove at top speed to make the 5:30am start of the WORKOUT OF THE DAY.

Now I am supposed to be only doing MERI classes for this month, but as yesterday the gym was closed I thought I’d do the WOD today. And how glad I I am that i did. Although a small class I felt good and the new fit trainer who is covering this week was somewhat motivational. A bit of eye candy certainly helped me push a little harder!


Skips followed by sit-ups

The skips were supposed to be doubles but I couldn’t do them so I just doubled the number of skips – if you get me!

I finished in 10:10. I could have gone faster I think! In fact we should have done that work out twice! I say that now, but my abs will feel it tomorrow.

8:15 am – two eggs and green tea

10:30am – banana, water

1:30pm – grilled tuna and steamed veg!

7:30pm – peanuts, plantain and green tea

What a day! I didn’t have the sugar craving this afternoon, may be because I was busy and also because I ate late in the day. I didn’t actually sit down to eat until 2pm and the food was gorgeous. I could eat that grilled fish every day. Shane Agard is the best! His healthy home cooked food is certainly keeping me inline and saving me from thinking about prep and cooking.

I think if I had the money I would employ him to be my personal chef because this evening I did not know what to eat and even after a trip to the supermarket walking aimlessly around all I could come up with was plantain and peanuts! High in protein I know so not too bad.

MERI tomorrow I can’t wait!


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