Day 17 – Feeling F.I.T (er!)

Wow! Great session this morning and I really did try hard to complete the entire session but I managed to get all the way to pike push ups within 30mins. What I did notice today was that I felt more capable especially doing the rotating planks!


I still don’t think I am doing enough ab work though. I really want a six pack or at least some definition. And I’m not seeing enough changes in my body form. I’ve not lost weight. Gees man I was feeling great until I started to write and analyse everything!

7:30am – 1 orange, 2 eggs and green tea.

10am – green tea

2pm – grilled tuna, steamed veg and plantain

I am sure my body went in to starvation mode as I sat at my desk working all morning and didn’t get away for lunch or a snack! Work – man getting in the way of my eating regime!

And OMG – my sweet tooth is back with a vengeance!!! Water, must keep drinking water in hope that it passes!

6:30pm – hand full of nuts – of the roasted, in shell variety!

7:30pm – a piece of fish and a bit of breadfruit.

That’s it for me today. I’m beginning to ache all over. It’s such a nice feeling and I could do with a really nice deep tissue massage with hot oil….any offers?


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