Day 18 – Ring the Alarm!

Today is the first morning that I have not managed to get up for training. I was actually gutted when I woke to discover it was 5:25! I’d missed my session. Are these feelings of disappoint the first signs of my development to the addiction to fitness? I got up and did some press-ups in spite of the all over body ache.

Another sign that I might be developing this addiction is concerning food. I seem to be eating the same food all the time. I believe it’s healthy and contains the required vitamin and protein and tastes good so why change – right? May be I will get sick of grilled tuna and steamed veg! For now it’s suiting me fine.

I think I was just really tired this morning. I went to bed early at 9pm had a really good deep sleep uninterrupted also and the alarm didn’t go off. I guess my body felt it needed the rest.

I will however train this evening instead as WOD Starts at 5:30pm.

7:30am – oats, an orange and green tea

1:30pm – grilled tuna and steamed veg (1/2)

3:30pm – grilled tuna and steamed veg (2nd 1/2)

5:30pm – WOD. So it turned that today’s session was not so bad. We started with walking lunges holding a 10lb above my head for about 20m. We did this 4 times. This was followed by walking squats holding the 10lb plate.

We also worked on snatch technique with 3 rounds of 15 reps. I used a 15lb bar I think! It was more about the technique than strength training.

The final part was kettle bell swings. Five minutes continuous maximum reps. I used a 35lb kettle bell.

All in all it doesn’t sound much but hurt my muscles and I sweated buckets!

Oh and we also did a tug of war to start. That was tough!

7:45pm – grilled swordfish


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