Day 19 – #TIRED

Cheese on bread man! (Bajan for oh my god – well kind of) I am just so tired today. I struggled to get up this morning after another deep sleep. But I made it to training reluctantly.

Training was fine, however I just did not work for me today. It was like I was doing everything in slow motion. I really could have just walked out but I managed to stay.

We did 3 rounds of the following;
Maximum reps in 45sec with 15sec rest in between each-

Rocking chairs
Plank squats
Half froggers
Lateral lunges
Cycle abs
Pull ups

I think that’s all of them, and not necessarily in that order.

I probably didn’t work as hard as I could but the coach kept on at me and my technique for certain moves. I so was not in the mood to be told stuff!

Anyway it’s over now. Just a hash run tomorrow and Sunday rest day. I had a quick peek on the scales this morning…. But I’m saying anything till Monday weigh-in!

7:30am – 3 eggs, 1/2 a plantain and green tea. Oh and a hand full of nuts!

I was real hungry this morning. I think the lack of carbs this week is what has affected my energy levels. I’ll just have to push through until my body adjusts.

2pm – pigeon pea curry, steamed veg and plantain

No grilled tuna today amazingly! But my god do I have post lunch low. I feel like I will die if I don’t get sugar – and I am stuffed and couldn’t fit a packet of m&m’s in if I tried (that’s a lie because I so totally could- there’s always room for chocolate!).

Aaarggh! I must ignore it and stop thinking about it. Why does sugar want to torment me like this?

5:30pm – ok so I was tempted and I failed. I blame it on the company I keep leading me astray. It’s not my fault at least I didn’t eat fried chicken but I did have potatoe wedges! Am I going to have put on 10lbs tomorrow? I hope not.

I do actually feel very disappointed in myself after fighting the sugar craving all afternoon and then I give my cousin a ride and he asks me to stop at KFC! I mean come on I even argued with him and then in that split second when he’s ordering and says ‘are you sure you don’t want anything? I’m getting wedges and chicken and you can’t have none’ , I respond with a ‘get me some wedges then!’

As simple and quick as that. The whole weeks work undone in a matter of seconds!

Well I have to run tomorrow, absolutely no alcohol this weekend allowed. Complete abstinence!

The shit is hard – how do these fit people I see do it with no issues and have such good self discipline?


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