Day 21 – Inspiration

Today I have been mostly trying to correct my downfalls of the weekend and focusing on what I need and not what I want – within reason of course.  Yesterday evening I went to see a performance of the Shaolin Monks which was fantastic and I watched in awe as the performers appeared to move their bodies effortlessly with a weightless control I can only dream of.  I can only dream of ever having that amount of strength, control and fitness.  It’s left be inspired to work harder and stay committed to achieving enough strength to control my body weight.

I also went away and looked up another video online of another person who inspired me before and watching her again has motivated me more and has helped to believe that it’s possible – that is Anowa Adjah.  At 200lbs or so she’s FIT and looks phenomenal in my opinion, and that’s what I am aiming for.  As much as I’ve expressed previously about dropping 10 or 20 lbs ultimately I am looking to become fit.  This is supposed to be developing my addition to fitness.

Next week I will continue to work even harder and introduce some evening runs, as on the 18th I am going to do a 5K run.  I can run 5K but I need to be able to run faster and be fitter.  I basically have to push harder.

So I am inspired and I am raring to go!

9am – green tea

11:30am – 1 orange

2pm – chicken, rice, 2 small potatoes, stuffing (all prepared by my good friend Che- thanks!)

3pm – 3 coconut macaroons

6:30pm – squash soup

I am conscious that I may need to eat more fuel in order to work harder.  But on rest days like today I don’t think I should eat too much.  I’ll probably have a few nuts later this evening.


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