Day 23 – on my back, frustrated, injured, in pain, miserable, GUTTED!

Need I say anymore? Yep – I am absolutely gutted!

Everything was going so well this morning and I was pushing it hard and on the last round of dead lifts I felt a twinge and now here I am at home on my back with ice – gutted!

5am – banana and coconut water

5:30am –


8am – 2eggs and green tea

1pm – grilled tuna, steamed veg (broccoli, carrots, okra, pumpkin) and coconut water

So yes – I was doing dead lifts using 115lbs and was feeling really good. I was on my 6th round and there was 1 minute to go. I was tired but wanted to push it and I guess lost concentration and as I picked it up lost form and the rest is history.

How long I will be out if action who knows. I planned to go for a run this evening and can’t go. I am truly gutted this whole training lark is important to me. But I guess it’s down to me to not let it beat me – and I will not!

4pm – nuts and fruit mix

7pm – squash soup

My back has been on ice all afternoon and evening. I hope it’s nothing that a bit of rest can’t fix!


3 thoughts on “Day 23 – on my back, frustrated, injured, in pain, miserable, GUTTED!

  1. Ah deadlifts … they did me in about 10 years ago . Lots of physiotherapy got me through it but the pain comes back to visit every now and again. I just finished a series of acupuncture sessions to get through my last episode. Can send you the number if you want.

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