Day 24 – No training – no blogging

– not true. I am still here blogging in spite of my inability to train. It’s important that whilst I am not training I maintain my food intake at a reasonable level and quality so that I do not put on weight. So my friends who believe I have a pass to drink copious amounts of alcohol and eat junk are sorely mistaken. Now is the time I must be careful.

7am – banana, oats, coconut water and green tea

10am – coffee

1pm – steamed flying fish and steamed veg, salad

3pm – coffee

8pm – coconut water, plantain and nuts

I don’t feel like I’ve eaten much today but I have also drunk a lot of water. I am trying not to comfort eat as now I am stuck home I would want to eat. But I don’t have junk food in the house and I’m not going anywhere so it can not be consumed.

My back does feel better than yesterday, and more like muscle fatigue, lactic acid build up. I will rest again tomorrow and hopefully I will be good to do a light workout Friday and 5k run Sunday.

I miss training 😦


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