Day 26 – Friday Feeling

It’s Friday and I am itching to get back in to training – seriously!

My back is ok – feels a little tired like I slept awkwardly but certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve done any lasting damage. I didn’t go to Crossfit:island fit this morning but I did a few stretches, push-ups and abs workout, and a bit of gardening 🙂

I also had a quick peek at the scales – 197lbs!! Whoop whoop! That’s put me in a good mood.

After work I will try a run/walk around the Garrison and see how it feels and if I can make it on Sunday.

7am – green tea, 1 egg, 1/2plantain and 1 orange

1pm – breadfruit, sweet potato, lentils, steamed veg and saltfish

Wow – I am sleepy this afternoon. Must be the carbs! Must stick to grilled fish and veg.

5:30pm – 4 laps of the garrison done! Back feels ok just a small twinge. I walked a lap, ran a lap walked a lap ran a lap. Each lap is 1 mile and completed it all in 37mins. I reckon I should be good for Sunday except if there are any hills!!!

7:30pm – rum tasting on an empty stomach. Not normally an issue but today….only managed one shot and a few sips!


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