Day 28 – Step It Up – run series (5k)

Today is the day for the Step It Up – 5K/10K/15K run series on the east coast of Barbados, hosted by Ufukuzo running club. I am definitely doing it- 5K!

Looks like its going to be a cool rainy day, which I am grateful for and I hope there’s not too many hills!

My challenge today will be my self discipline on two levels. The first being able to control my eating and drinking before the run, as its my aunts birthday, so we have a family gathering. Sunday family gatherings are generally good excuses to overload on carbs and everything else I shouldn’t be eating! And also not drink any alcohol!

The 2nd level being at the run and not stopping because I am tired or just getting bored! I have to push myself through otherwise there’s just no point, and maintain my rhythm in my running stride with my breathing!

So that’s the plan lets see how I get on!

9am – oats with honey and seeds. Green tea.

1:30pm – a little rice, a lot of salad, one small piece of chicken, a bit of beef gravy and 2slices of avocado, and golden apple juice and water.

Feeling quite good. Just a small plate of food and didn’t eat much rice and I am well hydrated.

4:30pm – ran 5K no stopping finished in just under 40mins! Not a great time but I didn’t walk and I managed to sprint finish. One might conclude that I didn’t run at a decent enough pace. Oh well I have set the time I have to beat moving forward!

5:30pm – 1 apple and coconut water


All over for another day. It’s 8:30pm and I am wondering if I should eat more. I don’t feel hungry but I should eat something right? Oh I had a granola bar on the way home, only half though.

Feeling good and motivated to run more, train more and get fitter. I won a prize of 30days summer slam boot camp with RUNNERSWAY – Thanks Des! It must be a sign that I’m to remain focused on my goal. There’s another 5k in the first week of September which I think I will do. And for that I will be running within 35mins.

Island Fit : Cross Fit – great! Thank you for helping to get this far so far! MERI in the morning – can not wait!


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