Day 29 – Weigh In # 3

The morning after the 5K and I managed to get up and went to my MERI class. Not really what I needed if I am honest right now as I feel shattered! It seemed like a good at first, but now I’m regretting it, probably because I am hungry still.

Weight – 197lbs

I’m not seeing much change. Early day still I know.

5:30am – MERI was a killer and I managed to get to 160 burpees in the time allotted. After we finished the cool down etc I went and did the 50 crunches. I guess if I was really dedicated I would have done the remaining 140 burpees right?!!! Well I’m not super fit yet, it’s work in progress!

7am – 2 eggs and green tea

10am – fruit and nut mix

1pm – 1x trini doubles. For those unfamiliar this a chickpeas curried in a wrap type thing! Nice but I could eat two and I’m not sure how healthy they are as the ‘skins’ are fried! Once again a case of poor food planning has left me scratching for anything to eat.

3pm – nut and fruit mix

6pm – fish and breadfruit


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