Day 31 – Staying focused

Staying focused on the end goal and what is required to achieve your goal has to be one of the hardest things ever. It takes real discipline – a trait I am lacking in. Normally I would have got side tracked with ‘life’ and had a break in training by now and struggled to get back in to it.

Yesterday’s day of rest almost made me forget to even blog! And I have to say this process of blogging is really actually working for me in terms of keeping me focused. The fact that people actually take the time to read my posts and many people I do not know, keeps me committed and on track.

I am now accountable to the hundreds who have read, and to the people following who are looking for and expecting results.

I get the impression that you all want to see the blood, sweat and tears that I go through to achieve my ultimate fitness body!

So thanks to all who have passed through so far and made comments. After 31days i am still here. I hope you find it all interesting and I will continue to do my best to achieve the results.

Here’s what has been occurring today….

5am – green tea

5:30-6:30am MERI at Island Fit:Cross Fit. Today we did …

I struggled with the hand stand and the flex armed chin up hold. I really need to work my upper body more.

7am – hand full of strawberries
7:30am – 2 eggs and coconut water
9:30am – smoothie with blueberries, oats, protein powder and banana and almond milk.

I actually found that the milk in smoothies is too much. I have become so accustomed to not drinking any milk in larger quantities than in tea or coffee it just tastes horrible and yukkie! I’ll have to find an alternative.

12:30pm – steamed veg, salt fish and plantain

1:30pm – green tea

3:30pm – tea

7pm – 1 plantain, corn on the cob, nuts


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