Day 32 – A Natural High!

I have developed a love for rowing! This morning I completed my first rowing WOD at island fit:cross fit. At first i was thinking i must be mad getting up at 4:20am to go to a gym and row on a stationary machine! am i stupid or just addicted? either way it was well worth it and i bloody loved it!

I haven’t rowed for a long time, and I can recall back in the day when I was at Nike EHQ in the mornings with My good friend Nikki we would do a rowing challenge of 500m and I get it done in just under 2mins. Well seems I have still got it!

Today was interval training so 90secs on and 90secs rest. This kind of work out works for me as I can just about work at max and the end always be in sight! My best 90sec row was 392m on the 10th interval. I was going for it big time – grunting, spluttering like a woman possessed! Next week I want to achieve 400m in 90secs in at least one round!20130822-071118.jpg

I don’t know why I am so chuffed with my rowing? I just am!! I feel like I could actually do something well.

So after that rowing session I actually went and did the 5:30am WOD! Gees – now I was really tired so to be fair I just took my time. Once again my upper body let me down. September has to be all about building upper body strength.



7am – 2eggs, coconut water, and no green tea!!!!

9:30am – green tea!

12:30pm – guess which lunch was mine?

Yep – I am a reformed character. It was an easy choice actually! Shane’s grilled fish is gorgeous and steamed veg just right (I think I may have mentioned that before – sorry).

@FoodPolice, I hope you are satisfied…lol

I am seriously in such a good mood today, the adrenalin must still be going from this morning!

5:30pm – Canteloupe melon

6:30pm – 1 plantain

8:30pm – nuts

I really need to eat a proper meal in the evening I think. The body needs fuel for the MERI class in the morning. Just I am too tired to cook when I get in from work! Zzzzzzzzzz night


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