Day 33 – One day at a time…

Boy – was I tired and achey this morning, but I gritted my teeth, shook it out and just got on with it. I had watched this video yesterday evening and I was like “how is that even possible?” The guy’s movement and control is unbelievable and there are parts where I think that there has to be some camera trickery going on there! Watching the woman also, doing all those pull-ups – that’s what I want to be able to do, and she’s not like overly muscly either like a body builder – just strong with her natural size. I’ve always felt that I need to be able to do pull-ups and be able to lift my body weight with ease, just in case I get attacked or in a natural disaster and I have to run and climb over a 6ft wall and pull myself up to get away! What if I find myself hanging from a building on the outside like in the movies, just by my finger tips? I need to be able to haul myself up. It’s important… these things always happen in films, so they could happen to me – right?…lol

So today’s MERI did involve some pull-ups but I still can’t do a single whole one. I completed two rounds of the following;

5:30 – 6:30am


7am – 2 eggs and green tea

10am – fruit and nut mix

1pm – spicy fish finger, steamed veg and plantain with salad. (1/2 the serving)

3pm – 2nd half of the above

8pm – roasted breadfruit and smoked mackeral


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