Day 34 – Barbados Hash House Harriers!!

It’s seems to have been a long day and I am as committed to blogging as I am to training!

As shattered as I am here’s what has occurred. Not a lot, just a Hash run round the Farley Hill area and back. I managed to abstain from too much alcohol even poured away a double vodka and coconut water. But I’ve have a few bits of packet foods I shouldn’t of had. So here goes….

8am – 1egg, 1/2 plantain and green tea

9:30am – 1 banana! Actually bought in a petrol station when there was chocolate cakes, crisps and an abundance of snacks I wanted but I chose a banana, oh and a bottle of water!

11:00am – nuts

12:30am – grilled mackerel and breadfruit

Now here’s where things start to go wrong. I wanted chocolate and bought a banana. I still wanted chocolate so I called my cousin who works in the gas station and asked him to come by as I had something to show him on the computer – oh, and bring me a treat! Well you know what he turns up at 1:30pm with a large cardburys dairy milk fruit and nut.

1:45pm – 1 square of fruit and nut

2:30pm – 2 squares of fruit and nut

2:45pm – the rest of the fruit and nut!

See this is the problem. My moment if weakness. But it’s just one bar of chocolate. And I was about to go running. My first chocolate in weeks. My god it was good!

4:pm – hash run, no idea how long, how far, it was muddy , I ran, I walked, did a couple of hill sprints got wet through, was a good hash all in all!

6pmish – rum and llb x 2, some breadfruit, tortilla chips, pretzels, nuts just a handful or two

8pm – 2x vodka and coconut water but 1.5 got thrown away

8:30pm – small rice, chicken wing, piece of fish

I didn’t eat all the food on my plate as a friend drunk too much and went missing, had to find her and take her home.

So – a pretty typical hash. I have to say though I’ve made some good and bad choices today. None that will kill me but I hope none that will affect my progress too much. Tomorrow is another day and we are all human and I hope all that has been done is relatively normal!


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