Day 35 – the day before the weigh in!

I am due to weigh in again tomorrow and so today I feel like I should eat minimal food as I am also not training today. I therefore do not need as many calories. However, it’s Sunday! And we all know what that means – over eating! I have to find a balance. I managed to last week because I was running the 5k. What will keep me on track this weekend? The prospect of a heavy weigh in tomorrow and sharing the results on this blog and everyone being disappointed.

Well I will try and restrain. A good friend of mine always told me not to try just do it!

Today I am cooking a roast dinner for friends who love roast potatoes. They can eat them all, I will stick with the meat and veg.

8am – 1egg, 1/2 plantain and green tea

2:30pm – insalata caprese

2:45pm – roast potatoes, roast veg, Yorkshire pudding, roast beef and roast pork. Doesn’t it look great!


So apparently the food was quite good according to my friends who literally after 10mins of getting up from the table were snoring on the sofa!


And for desert we had a home made bread and butter type pudding! I was told it was made in a healthy way…


I only had a bit!!!!

That’s it for today… I doubt anything else will be eaten.


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