Day 36 – weigh in #4

Here’s the progress or not as the case may be!

Weight – 197lbs (D8 – 198lbs)
Waist – 35.2″ (D8 – 36″)
Chest – 31.5″ (D8 -32.5″)
Hips – 45″ (D8 – 45.5″)
Thigh – 27″ (D8 – 27.5″)

Slowly but surely, every little counts! No major change in weight, but that’s OK, I can feel the size difference in clothes and still have a long way to go. Today’s MERI class was great and I worked really hard and tried my hardest to keep up with the front group. I felt great that they didn’t lap me and I was ahead of the others. I think I am quite competitive actually, but I am realistic in knowing and understanding my capabilities. The front group are like FIT, the others are like me, trying to lose weight and improve fitness etc. So I feel like I’m getting stronger and fitter. Here’s what we did, and I managed two whole rounds and finished the pushups on round 3 within the time permitted.
I think another 10mins and I would have completed it all, may be less, so I think moving forward I will stay behind and finish it just because I think there is an element of personal satisfaction in completing even if it’s outside the time limit.

7am – green tea, 1 egg and 1 plantain

12:45pm – piece of roast pork, roast veg, rice

7pm – slice of roast beef and 3 pancakes (just small ones from the Yorkshire pudding mix) oh and a handful of nuts.

Not the greatest of dinners but better than nothing.


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