Day 40 – new habits!

I’ve just realized its 40days! 40 is one of those significant numbers isn’t it? ’40 days and 40 nights’ that’s in the bible somewhere and Jesus did something. Lent is 40 days too. It has been suggested that 40 days is the length of time needed to develop new habits and make changes… Which is believed because of what it says in the Bible. I’ve never read the Bible. And only remember…well, very little from all those hours spent in Sunday school, mass during school days, mornings in church as an adult. I really wonder how nothing sticks in mind when it comes to religion. I know people that just know the Bible and can remember quotes etc. I always wonder how they do it. I think I have a memory like a sieve! All I know is that I treat other people as I would be treated and think about how love is best served in all my actions that involve other people and for myself.

So after all that, have I learnt any good food habits and fitness habits in the last 40 days? That’s the question!

5:30- 6:30am


7:30am – fresh pineapple, 1egg, 1/2 plantain, green tea

10am- 1 banana, portion of cantaloupe melon, few grapes

1pm – grilled marlin, steamed veg, salad and plantain (1/2 the serving)

7pm – the remaining of the above

9-3am – a few rum and cokes!!!

Not drinking is one habit I can’t seem to catch. May be I should try and not drink for the next 40 days!


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