Day 43 – Time to re-focus

After couple of days rest it’s really time to refocus and get out of that trough. I feel like I need to take things up a notch but I know that will be difficult as I am travelling a few times with work which will break my routine. But this will be the test to ensure I keep on track and make the right food choices when staying in hotels and eating out!

Today’s session was basically running. I did alright but I need to do more running in order to get my pace up. As my sister says I tend to shuffle along when I should make up some pace and ground when running. I just haven’t found my rhythm yet as I am not running regular enough. I hope I can make one run in the week and Saturdays hash. Nuff talking bout it, better get on wiv it!!

5:30 – 6:30 am – running

7:30am – oats, green tea

1pm – grilled mackerel fillet, rice, 1/4 avocado

6:30pm – 1/4 avocado, corn on the cob and nuts


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