Day 43 – “biscuits, biscuits, biscuits equals fat, fat, fat”

Yep – another day off – I feel like I’ve lost my mojo! I was going to go running this afternoon but then I have a work event after hours so I will run Thursday instead. I think because I didn’t train the weekend and after yesterdays ‘light’ workout it almost feels like I’m doing nothing. I will be training Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday, so before ‘wunna’ starts saying to yourselves that I’ve given up and am on the slippery slope to KFC (Peter), I’ve got a tough week ahead of me.

Rest is important mind you for the muscles to grow and get stronger. And as long as I eat properly I should be good. No – I will be good!

7:30am – two eggs, green tea

11am – 1 banana

2pm – grilled tuna and steamed veg (broccoli, carrots, pumpkin and okra)

4pm – 1 tea with milk and sugar…..ok-ok and 3 digestive biscuits. I’m blaming my mate San for re-introducing me to them on Sunday. Clearly eating like 10 in a row didn’t get it out of my system. My brother always used to pinch me and tease me with “biscuits, biscuits, biscuits equals fat, fat, fat” every time I ate a biscuit round him. I think I need him right now! Where was he Sunday to stop me? Mind you, I didn’t listen to him then so why would it be any different now. To think he’s been telling me that since I was like ten! Well – he’s right!


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