Day 44 – Feeling Fitter and Thinner!

The girl is back in full force! Feeling brilliant after this mornings work and I definitely pushed it harder than before and the adrenaline was pumping. So much so after the workout I went and did some abs cause I want that six pack!

5am – green tea

5:30 – 6:30am – MERI at crossfit:island fit.


I managed two rounds and completed 7 exercises on the 3rd round. Whilst doing the lateral jumps my pants were falling down! Either I’ve lost a bit of size or the elastics gone in them…lol

7:20am – 6 fresh guavas straight from the tree blended/juiced… Yum! 1 egg and 1 plantain

11am – fruit and nut mix

2pm – 1 doubles

5pm – 1 doubles

6:30pm – tuna and cottage cheese with ryvita (3) and a handful of nuts

8pm – breadfruit

Not really had a proper meal today and I’ve got rowing at 5am tomorrow. I’m hoping the breadfruit will give me some energy at that time in the morning. My grilled fish and veg man wasn’t working today and left me lost and struggling not eat crap! I really have to plan better.


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