Day 46 – Underneath the Fat

Underneath the fat is a 6pack desperate to come out and reveal itself to the world – corny I know – lol…


What do you reckon? By the end of this year I want to have a six pack and be max 190lbs. I think that’s reasonable.

5:30am – MERI


7:30am – green tea, 2eggs and 1 ryvita

11am – 1/2 a packet of fruit and nuts (San stole the rest!)

2pm – spicy fish finger (marlin), plantain and salad

8pm – grilled sword fish and rice

After a heavy week of training and work I am seriously tired.  But it’s all worth it.  I’m skipping a 5K run tomorrow morning, but will do the hash run in the afternoon.  Fortunately or unfortunately I’ve got ‘life’ to deal with in the morning – washing cleaning and packing (I hate packing and unpacking).  Next week I will be in Trinidad and not on holiday, hopefully – no, not hopefully – I will make time to work out whilst I am there.  I can’t let work get in the way of my routine.  What I am really worried about is making the right food choices.  Time will tell.  I believe I can do it!



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