Day 47 – ooh I held a snake!

If you’ve been to Barbados and on one of those tours you may well have come across this sign….. That’s where there hash run started and finished today. And that’s all I am going to say other than I did a bit of running and a lot of walking but I was at least out for an hour and got a sweat on, so must have done some good.


7am – green tea, oats

12pm – awesome fish cutter from Cuzz’s

3:30pm – nuts a rice snack mix

4-5pm – hash run

6:50pm – very randomly I’ve found myself in a pet shop holding a snake!


7:30 pm – rice and fish left over from last night! Horrid last night still horrid but had to eat something!

10:30pm – Ryan’s house lime! You know what that means- drink/food/drink!


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