Day 48 – Beach therapy and relaxation

After getting home at 6am this morning (was a really good night out!) there was only one thing I could do today and that of course was relax at the beach and soak myself in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Payne’s Bay along the West Coast of Barbados.  I really could have stayed there all day. Total bliss!

FloatationI had purchased some goggles yesterday actually as the plan is to swim every Sunday moving forward.  Today I did 3 sets of 200m swims, mainly front crawl.  Felt good.  I want to do it more often as swimming is an exercise I enjoy and burns lots of calories and swimmers always have good lean bodies.  Importantly for me also it’s low impact, so for my size much better than running.

6am – 1 granola bar

11am – green tea, 3 ryvita

1:30pm – 2 slices of breadfruit

3pm 1 banks beer

6pm – grilled mackerel fillet and risotto


What a wonderful day.  I am so blessed to live in Barbados and have the beach at the bottom of the road.  I really must stop taking it for granted!


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