Day 49 – Weigh in #5

What a great way to start Monday morning with a 4:30am wake up to jump on the scales and discover my slow but sure progress.

Off to Trinidad today and I have my workout gear packed to ensure there’s no excuses not to train for at least an hour.

Weight – 196lbs (D8 – 198lbs)
Waist – 34.5″ (D8 – 36″)
Chest – 32″ (D8 – 32.5″)
Hips – 44.75″ (D8 – 45.5″)
Thighs – 27.2″ (D8 – 27.5″)


5am – freshly pressed guava juice and green tea

6:30am – fruit salad and earl grey tea

7am – ham and cheese croissant

1:30pm – jerk snapper on a bed of plantain an kidney beans… Tastes fantastic!


5:30pm – workout completed in about 1/2hr and the 10minute run at good pace.  I think may be I should have done two rounds.



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