Day 50 – Keeping focused in Trinidad

Waking up this morning in Trinidad, still at 4:50am, I actually missed leaving my home to go training. That being said I managed to enjoy the lay-in. Why is that when you stay at a hotel you eat much more food? Comfort eating because I’m away from home no doubt or just sheer gluttony because there is an abundance of unlimited food available to me! In my case it’s a bit of both.

8am – 1 banana, slice of watermelon, 2slices of pineapple, scrambled egg and green tea

11am – coffee, mini scone, mini tuna filled croissant and 3 slices of melon

2pm – salad, fish, steamed veg and a mini chocolate mint cake!

6pm – 2 cookies, cantaloupe melon, pineapple and grapes

9pm – 1 glass wine

My belly’s kind of rumbling, but it’s too late to eat and I’ll just eat crap if I do.  A cup of tea should settle it.  After a long day with a bunch of management consultants and reviewing, it’s not been all that bad in terms of food intake.  A few indulgences but hey – shoot me!


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