Day 51 – Barbados bound

It’s been a long day. Without the morning class to wake me up completely this 4:30am start is tough. Forgot nuff tings in the hotel man – kmt!

5am – green tea and 1 banana
7am – Jamaican beef patty and tea
1pm – salt fish,steamed veg and plantain

5:30 – WOD followed by MERI



8:00pm – 1 smoked mackerel fillet and risotto rice

I’m not quite sure what came over this evening with the WOD followed by MERI had a moment of “I feel thin and fit” madness! No but in all seriousness I was feeling thinner today. My skirt felt looser than normal today and that coupled with my extra sweetness intake in Trinidad I thought I had better give the MERI ago! Needless to say I didn’t complete it all but managed to get to round 3 of the sit-ups/crab thingy’s.

Tomorrow morning’s training again. Rowing WOD at 5am (if I wake up! 😋)

Oh btw I just had a peek on the scales and pointer is just between 195 and 196lbs!! Yippee


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