Day 52 – Row WOD #sufferlicious!

Yes the rowing WOD this morning was good, tough but exhilarating after 9 rounds of 200m rows and 1 min rest in between each round I seriously went for it for the final 10th round of 250m sprint! Managed to get my rate down to 1:44min/500m at one stage! Bloody awesome!

6:30am – 2 star fruit, oats and green tea

12:30pm – salt fish, rice and steamed veg

10pm – 2ribs, 2 chunks of chicken, 1chunk fish, salad and a scoop of potato

I know late to be eating but I was up and out and needed to eat otherwise I really would have nothing left for tomorrow morning.

What’s been nice today is people noticing my change in body shape. It’s very encouraging and where in the past I would allow more and more ‘treats’ in to my diet because I felt there was room to and end up putting weight back on, I am determined not to let that happen. Remain focused to achieve 190lbs by Christmas! And then continue to be the fittest I have ever been!

Can I get a “hell yeah!”


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