Day 53 – Better late than never

I must be really feeling it as this morning I woke up before the alarm because Peter texted me (he’s 5hrs ahead) looked at my phone, cursed and fell back to sleep and didn’t wake again till 5:30am – when training normally starts. I don’t even recall switching my alarm off! I guess it didn’t help not getting to bed till just after 12am either.

Anyhow after a full day in the office I’m still going to train. I didn’t get out of work in time to do the 5:30pm WOD (arrived 15mins late) and so will do the next MERI session. In my mind I planned to do both as I did on Wednesday. So may be my lateness is a blessing in disguise! I feel real tired but I just can’t not go training even though I have so much to do. I will be up late again tonight. Oh well, I can sleep on the plane tomorrow, and the body will recover no doubt.

7am – green tea, oats

1pm – steamed veg and grilled marlin

6:30pm – MERI


10:30pm – grilled tuna and salad

Am so looking forward to my sleep this week feels like it been tough but the progress I am making is great. I actually think this addition to fitness is developing!


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