Day 55 – Relax, Rest, Rejuvenate – part 2

A big thank you must go out to Eljay Bee!  My old Nike now BA buddy who put my name down for an upgrade and I got it!  So thankfully I enjoyed my food and drink in club world.  A few glasses of wine, grilled mahi mahi with rice and peas, 1/3 a desert and a few cups of earl grey tea.  This mornings inflight breakfast was a fresh fruit bowl, bacon roll, earl grey tea.  All in all pretty good food and not too much either.

Today’s activities are very short.  I’ve slept most of the day;

10am – 1pm – sleep

1pm – roast chicken, potatoes, veg and yorkshire pudding, apple pie with custard

2-6pm – sleep

6pm – cheese sandwich, 1 banana a croissant and tea.

I am staying with my mother and so I have to eat whatever she gives me and when she gives it to me.  There’s no negotiation.  Even at 35 I am the child, she is the mother and what she says goes…lol  aren’t mums great!

Oh and she’s also told me I am not to go to the gym tomorrow as I look too knackered and worn out – Thanks mum!


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