Day 56 – There’s always a spare 45 mins

It is true you know – there’s always a spare 45 mins in a day to do a quick work out.  How many times have you stood waiting for a bus, a train, idly watching crappy TV or aimlessly starring out the office window wondering what you’re going to have for dinner?  Next time you catch yourself, drop and do 20 push-ups or sit-up, some jumping jacks or go for a run.  As if – right?

Today I almost didn’t bother working out as the local sport centre said I needed an induction before I could use the gym.  And then it was freezing cold and blustery outside and I was like – no way am I going in the garden.  But in the end I got changed and did my workout in the living room. I didn’t need much room at all, as I did the flat belly work out that I did last week in Trinidad.  The coldness of this country meant that I sweated the least I have ever sweated whilst working out!  I was going to do Friday’s MERI but I’m saving that one for when I work out with my sister later in the week!

9am – The Flat Belly Workout



10am – Oats, redbush tea

1pm – veg rice, broccoli, chicken breast, 1/2 avocado

4pm – handfull of nuts

8pm – veg rice with bacon



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