Day 57 – Cut me some slack!

I am afraid so – I need some slack whilst I’m in the UK.  I thought being in London, a city that never sleeps, I would find working out and eating the right foods easily achievable.  Unfortunately it’s not.  I’m finding that work, catching up with family and friends and constant traveling means I have no time for myself to work out.  This coupled with the abundance of food choices means I am faced with temptation constantly and if I am not cooking then I am eating out, grabbing ‘carb heavy foods’ on the go.  Now, I know I should not make excuses, especially as I have been in London all of a matter of hours and I can feel my sisters eyes rolling and shouting at me “for God’s sake Jo”!

Anyway, needless to say, I haven’t trained today.  And my intake has been;

9am – scrambled egg, bacon, and tea

1pm – grapes, mixed nuts

8pm – 1/2 a ‘taste the difference’ chorizo pizza and broccoli (to offset the carbs according to my sister!) oh and a couple of chocolate buttons.

I was hoping to go to a Crossfit gym whilst here, but it seems a huge amount of effort.  Its not really but I don’t want to take all my work clothes and then have to carry my sweaty gym gear around all day with me to meetings!  The weather is also 10 times worse than it was the other day by my mothers, so I shall see how it goes in the morning.  Hopefully I can at least get a run in before I head off to work.


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