Day 58 – A little bit of everything

I have heard many times before – all in moderation.  And today has been one of those days, where I have had a little bit of everything.  A bit of exercise and a selection of foods and drinks throughout the day.  Not too much of anything, and not too little either.  All in my opinion of course.

8am – green tea

9am – 20 minute run

10am – 2 eggs and 1 pear

1:30pm – coffee and flap jack

6pm – indian food (a selection of little bits of veg, chicken curry, poppadum, rice etc) and I only managed a bit of everything.  Was kind of like an indian tapas.

I’ve also had may be 3 glasses of wine and a vodka, lime and soda.

That’s not bad is it?  I am missing my gym though….




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