Day 59 – Every Little Counts

It’s funny because throughout the day so many different themes pop into my head that could form the basis of my blog post, but it’s only when I actually sit down to write I finally decide.  I think that it just shows how this journey of mine is a thought provoking, emotional roller coaster.  There’s so many different things and experiences that affect and invoke a reaction in me that can alter my performance physically, whether it’s in the gym or ingestion of food.  Sorry I’ve gone off on a tangent!

Every little counts – yes it does!  Today I did not train per se, but I certainly got some exercise.  I managed 15 press-ups at home before I left and then I walked at pace to the bus, in fact it seemed I walked at pace every where I went.  You just get caught up in the rush hour rush even when it’s not rush hour, just because it’s London and everyone rushes even if they’ve got no where to go.  I was late today for all appointments and so did genuinely need rush.  But, as I rushed I thought, I’m burning calories.  In addition to me rushing above ground I also rushed underground, through the tunnels of the underground system, trotting up the escalators with a quick step too and feeling the burn in the thighs but never stopping!  All of this must have an effect.  I never run up stairs in Barbados, or walk quickly anywhere.  Why?  simply because it’s hot and I don’t want to break in to a sweat unless I am working out.  So today although I wasn’t in the gym, I didn’t sweat, but I still got the heart beating and the blood pumping and I am sure that was better for me than sitting on the sofa.  So, every little helps or counts!

9am – 2 eggs, green tea

1:30pm – chicken and salad baguette, fruit salad

9pm – Wagamamas firecracker.  Chicken and rice basically, edename and 2 duck gyoza

I’ve had tea and coffee today, and a couple of crisp and a chocolate covered biscuit crunch thing oh and 2 glasses of wine!

Talking to my friends and sister today, it’s been suggested that I really should cut out all carbs to get the weight down and just live on veg and meat.  Also I was told it’s better to eat fat than sugar, and so to reduce my fruit intake.  Eat the healthy fish fat and nuts, avocado etc.  Basically loads and loads of veg.  My argument is though, once i reintroduce carbs and other food groups I will immediately put on weight.  I have got to achieve the weight loss and fitness levels through a gradual lifestyle change.  It may take longer, but more sustainable.

But it is nice to drop weight quickly – you feel like you’ve achieved something when you see results.  Everyone whats instant gratification.  This morning I had to punch a new whole in my belt – it felt fantastic!


One thought on “Day 59 – Every Little Counts

  1. Well done Joellen. I’ve just started a 14 week health programme that focuses on fat loss, not weight loss. I have 4 meals a day containing veg (carbs), protein and healthy fats – cutting out all wheat, diary, sugar, alcohol etc. I’m 5 days in and I am feeling pretty good. I also do 3 anaerobic/resistance based work outs a week, plus football, pilates and tennis. Hoping to feel healthier and look better, so on a similar journey to you. Now, more importantly. YOU’RE IN LONDON? WTF haven’t you called;-)

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