Day 60 – As Hot As An English Summer

Today I was described as being as hot as an English summer. Not quite sweltering but warm enough for a barbecue! And so by December I will be a Caribbean summer without a hurricane. Thanks Peter!

This morning was actually quite depressing and grey and no exercise was done. But by 5pm the sun on South Bank was great and I was finally in the mood to do some exercise. Swimming at Lambeth leisure centre with my sister at like 8pm. Me in a 2 piece with other lane swimmers in full suits and caps and like. What a sight! I think they were like “where did she come from?” Lol. Either way I had a great swim. My sister taught me to kick properly, but in all honesty I can swim perfectly well.

8am – earl grey tea, 2 eggs

1pm – rice and pork. I was treated to lunch by Caribbean World. Twas nice and unexpected.

8:15 – 9pm – Swimming!

10:30pm – pizza, bottle of wine and a few biscuits

What started a miserable day actually turned out to really quite a good one. I spent time with my favourite people and those who I didn’t get to see I spoke to pon de phone.


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