Day 64 – How do they do it?

So after yesterday I am struggling to remain focused right now… But I haven’t completely given up. Yesterday’s evening binge as I would put it was not that bad according to a friend. Sonjia said it could of been a lot worse, and a packet of plantain chips and a few biscuits isn’t the biggest crime in the world.

However yesterday when I went to get my lunch I had all intentions of getting just a grilled chicken salad but ended up getting a grilled chicken salad wrap! Now it was a whole wheat wrap but I still felt guilty. In the cafe was a lady who could only be described to look like your typical fitness trainer.. Wirey, very little body fat, veins popping – you know the sort – and she has this great big salad piled high with leaves and devouring it like it was a plate of fish and chips! And there at that moment I failed and got a wrap… And from that moment my inadequacies it inability to discipline myself have continued from last night to right at this moment eating chips and garlic bread with rum and coke (my second and had a glass of wine).

Anyhow this is what has occurred –

7am – green tea, 2 eggs, 1 cracker
1pm – grilled fish, steamed veg and ital stew (1/2 portion, saved the rest for dinner but haven’t made it home yet to eat it!)
5-7pm – so I attended a work event, which included smooging over drinks and finger food (can’t spell hors deurves). I had some popcorn during the movie preview, and only 1 glass of wine and a chicken piece on a stick as I was being good.

7- til now… So after the event which was at Limegrove we decided to go to Lime Bar and be sociable as I’m not that sociable. And I’ve now had 2 rum and cokes, a portion of chips and garlic bread. All to share mind you with my mate… But I have grilled fish And steamed veg waiting for me! Oh well.

So how do these fitness people and wirey persons managed to maintain the focus and keep it up ALL THE TIME!?

But I did do some abs this morning….



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