Day 65 – Celebs who got the bug

Whilst I was in the UK last week I happened to be listening to Radio 4 whilst driving and there happened to be an interview with Andi Peters. Now the interviewee described Andi as being a tall rather slim young man when he was in the broom cupboard on CBBC and now he’s somewhat filled out and bulked up. Well – I was like – Andi Peters, big and buff? And hearing the two jest about his tweets about how much weight he lifted in the gym, and Andi talk about how he loves training and the community etc…. I was like he’s got the bug too. I mean look at this picture – mh-andi-peters-cover-22032011

I’ve now noted the date of this publication, so I am a bit behind on UK celeb gossip. I really don’t watch it too much, but occasionally something catches my attention like this. This also reminded me about another celeb body transformation – Craig David, which was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. Again I had no idea that there was a wave of persons getting ripped. I knew about Jodi Marsh mind you, as I think I happened to be in the UK when she was on celeb big brother or some other reality-esq programme.

Take a look at them now –

Jodie-Marsh-body-builder craig-david There are plenty of examples out there really, not only of celebs but just general people who have made the transformation. It takes grit, determination, and focus. And I still maintain a degree of addiction. Hence my quest to become addicted – but not quite as addicted as these lot, seems a little extreme. I have to go to work everyday, and do normal things. I can’t train all day and lift weights etc.

So here’s what happened today;

5am – green tea

5:30am – MERI and we did 2 rounds, and I had a penalty of 10 burpees at the end. photo-15

7am – 1 egg, 1 plantain, coconut water

2:30pm – chicken burrito

7pm – 1 cookie!

I really need to eat – but it’s way too late. Had an awful day with work messing up my routine, didn’t get drink much water either!

Tomorrow’s another day to continue developing my addiction.



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